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BETA Logistics.

German based logistics company focused on delivering 24/7 professional logistics & freight operations.

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At BETA Logistics we like to think outside the box on how we provide services when compared to other companies. We always anticipate challenges and are constantly uncovering opportunities to improve efficiency, boost productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. We are here to work with you to transform and evolve your business.

parcel delivery

From the warehouse to the customer, we offer a wide range of flexible solutions for customer who are in need of sending out parcels on a ad-hoc or regular basis.

warehousing and storage

By using our facilities we will ensure your supply chain is optimised. We design quality industry-specific solutions that are tailored for you, your product and market needs.


Often urgent occasions require items to be delivered on the same day. Here at BETA Logistics we can guarantee your package reaches it’s final destination on time.


Our fully managed returns service ensures that your customers are offered an easy way to manage their returns and those products are quickly graded and returned to or disposed of cost effectively.


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Harness the power of logistics to help save you on warehousing, inventory control, while delivering goods on-time and on-budget.

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